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HAIR TO DIE FOR: A Miracle Product That Actually DOES Something!!


Peter Thomas Roth’s “Hair To Die For” actually stops fallout.ptr-213_1z


My hair used to be absolute perfection. Fine strands, but lots of them, with natural wave, great length and fullness. I could make beautiful braids and perfect “Jessica Rabbit hair”. But over the years it has thinned, consistently and substantially. This happened to my Grandmother and my mom, so when it started happening to me, I figured it was my genetic fate, often exacerbated by times of extreme stress, which then exacerbated my stress about my hair!

I’ve taken measures like adding a filter to my shower head and, of course, trying a gagillion products all claiming to enhance scalp and hair health, revitalize follicles, thicken strands, prevent fallout, etc… I’ve (sheepishly) tried Rogain and Nioxin. I’ve taken supplements like Viviscal, fish and Omega oil formulas, and other “hair-health” vitamins. I’ve also explored stress-reducing practices like mediation, breathing exercises, yoga and many others of that ilk. None of these things seemed to have any effect on the trajectory of my hair situation.

Well one day, being a fan of Peter Thomas Roth products, I was perusing their site and came across this “hair to die for” stuff. I read some reviews and, like so many others, justified the price with “well, it’s my HAIR!” (I was also sure to purchase from Sephora because of their no-hassle return policy.)

I am shocked to report that from the day I started using it, my fallout decreased dramatically. I’ve been shedding like crazy for over 15 years. I keep a drain protector in my shower to prevent clogs, which is great…but, much to my chagrin, it has also shown me just how much fallout is really happening on a daily basis. I’m now on my second bottle of PTR’s Hair To Die For and in very short order, my fallout has essentially been reduced to only a few, nearly unnoticeable strands.

Here’s what it’s changed:

  • I now have little to no fall-out whatsoever.
  • I no longer have impossibly oily hair on the days that I don’t wash it, which means I no longer need to wash it every day. A tiny bit of dry-shampoo (I actually just use pure rice starch) gets me through a no-wash day swimmingly. This has never been my reality, not even when my hair was awesome.

Here’s how I use it:

One to two times per day (morning and/or night) I take a dropper full and touch it to the root of my scalp, dragging it all around, squeezing gently so that a little bit dispenses as I go. I work horizontally in rows from the top down to make sure that I get a good, even distribution.

What I don’t like:

  • It is HEAVILY perfumed—almost shockingly so. In fact, when I apply the product at night, the smell actually wakes me up if I get a whiff of it. The fragrance is pungent and very specific, like a strong, very cheap perfume. I was highly irritated by this clumsiness on the part of PTR. I expect higher end brands to have a little more grace and taste. When it comes to scenting myself, I select very specific perfumes and oils made for the specific purpose of being a perfume. It irks me to no end when products whose purpose is not to be a perfume nevertheless take it upon themselves to scent me! It irks me even more when they overpower my actual perfume of choice with cloying, heavy handed, cheap smelling fragrances. I mean, is this really necessary?!
  • Sometimes my scalp can feel a little itchy. When that happens I reduce use to only once per day. I’ve only been using this second bottle about once per day and the effectiveness has remained the same.
  • The bottle is opaque, making it hard to see when I’m running out!

Overall the product is so effective that I have resigned to desensitize myself to the perfume as best I can, while hoping and praying that PRT improves this flaw in the future. I will also continue to spend a rather substantial amount of money on Hair To Die For becausepinch me—it actually works!