Julia photographed by heather Weston

Julia Joseph is a hair & make-up artist in New York City.

This blog is her way of sharing her viewpoints on products and other health and beauty related topics. Enjoy!

You can view her portfolio here: juliajosephmakeup.com


Julia grew up in the fashion industry as her mother, Cindy Joseph, was a make-up artist for over 20 years. As a child and a teen, Julia accompanied and assisted her mom on photo shoots all over the world, learning from the best. It was a lot of fun and Julia learned a great deal spending so much time on set and at the hair & make-up table.

At age 49, silver haired Cindy was scouted into a thriving modeling career and handed her well curated make-up kit over to Julia who has been following in her mother’s footsteps ever since. And that’s how it happened!

(While still modeling, Cindy also founded BOOM! by Cindy Joseph. It’s a PRO-age line of amazingly delicious and healthy moisturizers and very simple color “pick-me-ups”. Check it out!)

(While doing hair & make-up by day, Julia is a musician by night. Check that out too!)


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